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The dirty side of hydrogen: greenwashing, neocolonialism and food insecurity

21 novembre 2023 de 19h00 à 20h30

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Hydrogen. Is the hype real? Its advocates claim it to be the silver-bullet solution to the climate crisis. Yet, a closer inspection reveals a fossil fuelled lobby with members including Shell and Total that has spent more than Big Tech and Big Finance put together on persuading the EU to invest millions in new hydrogen developments to support the energy transition. 99% of the current global hydrogen mix is currently made from fossil fuels, and that’s not all. New import plans weaponise the same racist, neocolonial dynamics as our current energy system, displacing people from their homes and destroying vital resources such as drinking water and farmland.

On 21st November, WeSmellGas, Scientist Rebellion and ASEED will bring together a panel of frontline activists from Chile, South Africa and Namibia hear from those resisting these violent and unnecessary projects on the ground. We will also hear from campaigners from Food and Water Action Europe about how hydrogen is being greenwashed, and what we can do about it.

The panel will end with a Q and A online. For those attending in real life, there will be an opportunity to hang out after and discuss how we can resist the EU’s neocolonial, greenwashed hydrogen plans together.


18:30 – doors open

19:00 – panel discussion and Q&A

20:30 – hangout and have a drink

Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 926 6196 9517,  Passcode: 029023

Date :
21 novembre 2023
Heure :
19h00 à 20h30
Rue de Danemark 70b

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